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Learning how to deal with your boyfriend coming out to you as gay isn't easy, especially if you have a lot of time and energy invested into the relationship. Sometimes, when you are gay, you don't realize it in the beginning, so you date someone and even get serious with someone before you realize that it isn't the right relationship for you. This relationship issue does happen and it's serious. It's a relationship issue that you do have to deal with if it does happen to you and it has to be dealt with, with care. So girls, that is why I came up with the top 10 ways to deal with your boyfriend coming out to you.

1. You May Have Suspected

Some guys are very easy to spot as being gay, but if they are in a relationship with you and having sex with you on a regular basis, it's hard to spot your boyfriend being gay. One of the things that you do have to watch out for is – how does he treat you after sex? How does it really feel for him? Do you feel connected to him? Do you feel closer? This is a sign.

Don't Ask 'Why' or 'How'


@Danielle You say it's a choice. It's not. You making that comment was a CHOICE. You being a homophobe is a CHOICE. You deciding to take time out of your day to write that comment just to justify yourself is a CHOICE. Being gay is not a choice.
@Danielle so it's a choice huh? So you're telling me that people CHOOSE to be bullied. You're telling me people CHOOSE to be submitted to ridicule and conversion therapy and beatings and depression and hate crimes. You're telling me people CHOOSE this?
@Danielle 100% agree
you are not born gay, it is a choice.
Heather Jensen
That is so -- weird! Why would he ever tell his best guy friend that? I'd say that you might need to talk to him a bit. I know it's hard to approach him, but you need to.
Heather, I really need your help!! My boyfriend told his best guy friend he was "breakin up with me", at a friends party... but then told him i think im going to stay with her. He also is still crushi...
Heather Jensen
Hi Ashleigh! Thank you so much for this, that is so true. Whole you can't 'turn' someone gay, as it is not a choice, on the girl's side, she absolutely could be thinking that. Thank you for the great comment!
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