9 Ways to Tell if You Are Jumping into a Relationship after a Breakup Too Quickly ...


Breaking up is extremely difficult, but if you've just been dumped or been the dumper, how do you know when you are jumping into a relationship after a breakup too quickly? How can you tell that by jumping into a relationship after a breakup is a good idea? Well girls, I've got all of the tips below that will detail out exactly when you are jumping into a relationship after a breakup too quickly and how it might not be exactly the best idea.

1. Constantly Comparing Your New Boyfriend to Your Ex

When you find yourself constantly (and I mean … constantly) comparing your current date or even your current boyfriend to your ex, it might be one of the signs that you just jumped into a relationship after a breakup just so you won't have to be alone. Remember, if you are in a new relationship, you don't want to taint that with memories and comparisons of your old relationship.

Not Fully over Your Ex


Annie Beliber
Thanx fr killing my confusions ^_^
Aubrey Betancourt
@Heather Jensen Thank you heather
Heather Jensen
Hi Aubrey! I know that it's hard, but you might want to break it off with your new boyfriend if your head is constantly on your ex. That isn't fair to string him along like that.
Aubrey Betancourt
What is no matter what I do I can't get my ex out of my mind. I have a new boyfriend and Christmas Day is our 3 months. We got together 1 month after my ex and I broke up and he has a new girl as well...
Heather Jensen
Hi Blood! I think that if it works, it works! You can't control how you feel or how quickly you get over someone. :)
so what can we do if we're already in a new relationship.. he was so much good than our ex and he proposed to be the new boy in our life and we said yes.. then what?
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