10 Important Things Everyone Dating a Person with Anxiety Disorder Must Know 😱 ...

Dating someone with an anxiety disorder means your relationship is going to be unique. People who have anxiety struggle with stress and worry more than the average individual, and that’s just a basic explanation. Whether you’re a guy or a girl dating someone with anxiety, these’re 10 important things to know.

1. They May Need to Talk about Their Anxiety Sometimes…or Not

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Having anxiety isn’t easy. It generally means the person has a lot on their mind all the time. They may need to talk about things sometimes. Other times, they may prefer not to talk about what’s bothering them at all.

2. They May Not Sleep Well

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Anxiety can affect their sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep because they can’t shut down their thoughts. Because of this, tiredness is common for them.

3. β€œCalm down” is One of the Least Helpful Things You Can Say

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Individuals with anxiety wish they could calm down and would absolutely do so if they could. But they can’t so telling them to isn’t helpful. Instead, try just listening or pointing out the the logical side of their worries.

4. Holding Their Hand is a Gift You Can Give Them

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This sounds little but it’s really huge. Holding an anxious person’s hand is so helpful. It sends them the message that you’re there for them and giving them your support.

5. Crying Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

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While sometimes guys with anxiety cry, it’s more common for girls. If your girl is crying because she’s anxious, realize that it’s not always a bad thing. It can help to release all the stress and emotional turmoil she’s feeling.

6. Being Reminded to Breathe is Sometimes Needed

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When someone with anxiety is really wound up, they may forget to breathe. It sounds crazy but it can actually happen. One of the best things you can do is remind them to just breathe.

7. Muscle Tenseness Goes along with Anxiety

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If a person has anxiety then they almost always have some degree of muscle tenseness as well. It can happen anywhere in their body but it’s most common in their shoulders and neck. Offering a massage is something anyone with anxiety will appreciate.

8. A Good Diet and Exercise is Immensely Helpful 🚴

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A healthy diet and exercise is something we should all strive for because it helps us be at our best. It’s even more important for someone with an anxiety disorder. They’re more affected by things like excessive caffeine or sugar. Additionally, exercise can help manage anxiety so being willing to be their workout buddy is a nice thing to do.

9. Anxiety is Manageable

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This’s a good reminder for both of you. It can feel overwhelming to have anxiety or to try to help someone you love with it. But it’s manageable. If they’re struggling, seeing their doctor is important.

10. Anxiety is a Part of the Person, Not the Entirety of Them

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Another thing it’s good for you to remember as a couple is that anxiety is part of them but not the entirety of them. They’re a special and interesting individual not just someone that has an anxiety disorder.

These’re important things to know when you’re dating someone with anxiety. Are you in this situation? Or do you have anxiety? If so, how does it affect your relationship?

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