17 Signs to Recognize Hes Only Interested in Sex ...

By Holly

Even if it seems like a man really likes you, he might just be using you for sex. That's why you have to keep an eye open to make sure that he's not just looking to get lucky. If you're just not sure where he stands, here are a few signs that he's only interested in sex:

Table of contents:

  1. convos are always sexual
  2. he only texts you after midnight
  3. he only compliments you on your looks
  4. he wont introduce you to his friends
  5. he pressures you to have sex
  6. he’s overly touchy
  7. he won’t cuddle
  8. he won’t let you leave anything at his place
  9. you never talk about “real” things
  10. he won’t engage in foreplay
  11. he never makes plans until the last second
  12. he won’t let you sleep over
  13. he says he’s not ready for relationship
  14. he goes missing for days
  15. he asks for nudes
  16. he won’t pay for your meals
  17. he won’t discuss your future

1 Convos Are Always Sexual

If you ask him an innocent question about what he's eating for dinner and he turns the conversation into a sexual one, it means only one thing is on his mind.

2 He Only Texts You after Midnight

If he asks you over late at night, it's a booty call. He doesn't want to talk. He just wants sex.

3 He Only Compliments You on Your Looks

Compliments are always welcome, but pay attention to what he says. If he only comments on your breasts, and never on your intelligence, he sees you as an object.

4 He Wont Introduce You to His Friends

If he wanted a serious relationship, he'd show you off to all of his friends and family members.

5 He Pressures You to Have Sex

If he respected you, he'd wait until you were ready for sex. But if he only wants to get laid, he'll try to push you to give him what he wants.

6 He’s Overly Touchy

Touching your shoulder and hugging you is flirty. Grabbing your booty is inappropriate.

7 He Won’t Cuddle

If he'll sleep with you, but pushes you out of bed once he's done, it's a huge red flag.

8 He Won’t Let You Leave Anything at His Place

If he freaks out when you leave a bra in his bathroom, it means he isn't interested in making you his girlfriend.

9 You Never Talk about “real” Things

What do you two tend to talk about? If you know nothing about his friends, hobbies, or life, then your bond isn't as strong as it would need to be to date.

10 He Won’t Engage in Foreplay

Women need foreplay for good sexual experiences. If he won't give you what you want, he only cares about himself.

11 He Never Makes Plans until the Last Second

Boyfriends should make plans with their girlfriends in advance. If he always invites you over at the last second, he's not putting in enough effort.

12 He Won’t Let You Sleep over

If he wants you out of his house by morning, how much could he really like you? He should want to wake up to your pretty face.

13 He Says He’s Not Ready for Relationship

If he refuses to be called your boyfriend, but he agrees to sleep with you, he's only interested in sex. No doubt about it.

14 He Goes Missing for Days

If he drops out of your life randomly, how much could he care about you? If he loved you, he wouldn't disappear.

15 He Asks for Nudes

If he asks for nude pictures every single time you text him, he's clearly in the mood for sex.

16 He Won’t Pay for Your Meals

The man doesn't have to pay, but he should at least make an offer. If he never does, it's like you two are only friends.

17 He Won’t Discuss Your Future

If he won't agree to go to the movies with you next week, then he wants to keep his options open. He doesn't want to feel tied down.

Keep an eye out for these signs, so you don't end up with a man who's using you. Have you ever been with a man who was only interested in sleeping with you?

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