2. You’re Excited to See Each Other

You’re Excited to See Each Other

When you’re in a good relationship, you both can’t wait to see each other… the time you spend apart is fine, but you really look forward to your time together.

It might be hard to be away from your honey, but seeing them again after you've missed them makes it all worth it!2

He’s Uplifting, Not Abusive — and so Are You!


All the above 8 matches with me... but we are not in a relationship and we are happy being in a nameless relation...
I feel the same way!! I'm extremely attracted to my bf that I've been dating for years, but I don't feel anything when we kiss!! He says he does...but I don't!! :(
I have a total problem with chemistry. Before he and I started dating, I used to get tingly and lightheaded when we were just near each other. But when the relationship started, we progressed very quickly into heavy making out, rubbing, touching, pretty much anything that didn't require our pants to come off. (We talked about it, and we want to wait for a while before having sex). I don't feel anything when we kiss. It feels nice, of course, but I don't feel an insane passionate attraction and I don't get tingles or anything. I AM attracted to him though, and our relationship has pretty much every other thing on the list. Did we just move to fast, physically, at the beginning? Is physical chemistry something that sometimes has to grow with time, as I get to know him on a deeper level emotionally? Is he (or I) just a bad kisser? I really don't want to break up with him because we just seem so compatible otherwise.
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