8 Plans to Make when You're in an Online Relationship ...

Online relationships are so, so popular nowadays. If the show 'Catfish' on MTV is any indication – you'd know that tons of #people are in online relationships right now. Are you in a relationship online and have no idea what you should watch out for? Do you have any idea when or how you are going to meet your online #partner? What about any plans for the future? Well, you better take a look #below, I've got all of the top plans that you've got to make if you're in an online relationship!

1. Have a Plan to Meet

The thing about being in online relationships is that you've got to have a plan to meet. Truthfully girls, it should be within months, not years of the #relationship or at least of talking. It took me about a year to actually meet my #girlfriend and that was way too long. Meet within months, especially if they live close!