8 Plans to Make when You're in an Online Relationship ...


Online relationships are so, so popular nowadays.

If the show 'Catfish' on MTV is any indication – you'd know that tons of people are in online relationships right now.

Are you in a relationship online and have no idea what you should watch out for?

Do you have any idea when or how you are going to meet your online partner?

What about any plans for the future?

Well, you better take a look below, I've got all of the top plans that you've got to make if you're in an online relationship!2

1. Have a Plan to Meet

The thing about being in online relationships is that you've got to have a plan to meet.

Truthfully girls, it should be within months, not years of the relationship or at least of talking.

It took me about a year to actually meet my girlfriend and that was way too long.

Meet within months, especially if they live close!

2. Be Honest

Always, when you start talking to someone, you want to be upfront and honest, especially online.

Jumping into an online relationship is difficult enough, but if your partner can't trust what you are saying or if you get caught in a lie?

That's awful!

It's a horrible feeling.

3. Research Everything Your Partner Says

Okay, so you've been talking to someone for a while now right?2

Have you looked up anything that they'd said?

Have you tried to drag and drop their picture into Google images?

These are all things that Nev does as soon as he shows up at someones house and it's amazing what these little tricks can reveal!

4. Look up Things That Seem off-the-Wall

Does your partner own a million cars, is a model in some high end magazines and is always in commercials?

Do you believe that for real?

These are things that you need to look up girls and don't be duped by him.

Just because he says he's the hottest DJ out there, doesn't mean that you have to believe him.

Don't Let the Online Relationship Go Too Long
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