19 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Gemini Men ...


Have you ever wondered why Gemini men seem to be so perfect one second and then morph into someone completely different the next? Gemini is the sign of the twins, and let me tell you, it’s true that many Gemini men have two completely different sides to their personality. A relationship with a Gemini might not be easy, and at times you could feel like you’re battling your way through it, but one thing it will never be is boring!

1. You’re Dating Two Men

If you’re the kind of person who struggles with commitment, a Gemini man could be your dream date. You’ll never be bored as it feels like you’re dating two men! Seriously, ladies, one day you’ll wake up to one boyfriend, and the next day he will be somebody completely different. My man’s other side even has his own name, so we joke about which personality I’m getting to spend time with today. Gemini men will always keep you on your toes.

They’re Unpredictable


Beth Green
So many of these i can relate to me.
There is a side of that Gemini that proves that wrong if you have God in your heart and rooted really good that is out the window not true because God guides a Godly man nothing else but a true Godly man not just from mouth out. from the heart
I just stumbled over this article and gagged when I realized the woman who wrote this is also a cancer lady like myself! I have been charmed by yet another Gemini man and he drives me up a wall. In or...
The article is sooooo true !!!!!
this post is very accurate
Irene Kim
My man has a gemini rising and it drives me crazy because what he does is not what he said he will do. Some times thought i want to rip the ends of my hair. I call men like this passive aggressive. Ge...
This describes my guy to the T. I'm a virgo and sometimes he annoys me so much I wanna scream and leave but for some reason he always make me want to stay...I guess I'm a virgo that likes dysfunction and flakiness lolol
My boyfriend is a gemini, he is very sweet and always knows how to make me feel special and loved, I am a cancer. Therefore I need reassurances in the relationships which he is always willing to give....
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