17 Things That Will Absolutely Happen on Your First Vacation as a Couple ...

By Heather

Trust me on this, going on vacation with your partner is difficult. Lyndsie and I went on our first vacation to Toronto and while we both loved it, we fought a hell of a lot. Our second vacation? Our honeymoon and it was to Paris, we fought just a little bit. As you get used to each other and going on vacation together, it gets better but here is what to expect during your first vacation together as a couple!

Table of contents:

  1. you'll definitely have a huge fight at the airport
  2. you'll for sure not sit together at some point in your trip
  3. your partner will forget everything you told them to pack
  4. you'll fight over the directions
  5. you'll take so, so many selfies
  6. … and videos, it'll happen
  7. you'll probably have a ton of sex, too
  8. you'll get sunburned together
  9. you'll fight over where to go for dinner at least once
  10. you'll push your limits together
  11. the connection will become deeper no matter what
  12. you'll probably drink too much at least once night
  13. one of you will get sick
  14. you'll both sleep late because you are hungover
  15. you'll make out one entire day
  16. you'll get a little bored
  17. when you get home, you'll feel the closeness and memories

1 You'll Definitely Have a Huge Fight at the Airport

It'll probably be over something stupid too, like not taking your laptop out of your bag. Yep, that was ours!

2 You'll for Sure Not Sit Together at Some Point in Your Trip

Either you'll accidentally not sit together or the plane tickets end up that way.

3 Your Partner Will Forget Everything You Told Them to Pack

This'll happen, especially if you don't double-check what your partner packed for you!

4 You'll Fight over the Directions

Whether it is directions to the next place you are going or to the airport, you'll have a fight about it!

5 You'll Take so, so Many Selfies

You'll do it mostly to remember all these special moments together, but probably also because you can't agree on which pictures look the best.

6 … and Videos, It'll Happen

Videos are pretty awesome, though, since you can just let your camera do the work while you take in everything around you.

7 You'll Probably Have a Ton of Sex, Too

Vacation sex is some of the best sex, am I right?

8 You'll Get Sunburned Together

Even if you remember the sunscreen – sometimes you're just having too much fun to be responsible.

9 You'll Fight over Where to Go for Dinner at Least Once

Just remember, you can always compromise and go to the other place the next night.

10 You'll Push Your Limits Together

This is honestly one of the best reasons to go on vacation with your partner.

11 The Connection Will Become Deeper No Matter What

When you're in a strange place, exploring, taking in everything, and making memories together, your connection naturally grows deeper.

12 You'll Probably Drink Too Much at Least Once Night

It's best if you take turns, but that doesn't always happen.

13 One of You Will Get Sick

And the one who gets sick will probably get the other person sick, but it might not happen until after your vacation, which isn't quite as horrible.

14 You'll Both Sleep Late Because You Are Hungover

Time zones make a difference, too, but whatever, you're on vacation!

15 You'll Make out One Entire Day

And what a day it will be!

16 You'll Get a Little Bored

This is a great chance to deepen your connection, too, because you'll have to figure out ways to entertain each other.

17 When You Get Home, You'll Feel the Closeness and Memories

In fact, you'll probably start planning your next vacation the second you get back!

Anybody have any epic vacation stories to share? Give 'em up in the comments!

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