What do Newlyweds Really Think after They Tie the Knot?


That first year of marriage, man. It's hard. Being a newlywed isn't all rainbows, kittens, and leftover wedding cake. The anonymous secret-sharers of Whisper have some very eye-opening confessions about what newlywed life can really be like.

1. Flirtations or Temptations?

Flirtations or Temptations?

This one's hard. While it's true that you don't have to stop looking just because you're married, you can't go elsewhere for attention. If you find that you need to, everything's not as rosy as you probably expected.

Maybe, Baby … or Maybe Not


I see myself saying i miss my parents if I ever married by BF because he lives in Toronto and I live in Atlanta. I live less than 15 minutes away from my parents. It would be tough not to see them as often.
Some people get married so they fit into the cookie cutter world..fulfilling society and family expectations..that's why they become ho-hum after marriage..it is a rude reality for some
this is the most depressing article to post on valentines day :(
I have to remind my husband sometimes that even tho we are married he Still needs to be the way he was when he was trying to win my heart.
peony blue
This article is a long winded way of saying grow up and act like a man/woman.
Kim Goss
I got married only in November last year and have been battling ever since with fighting for his attention over his iPhone. Before we got married he'd wake up every morning and tell me how he couldn'...
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