15 Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Jerk ...


If you're in a relationship, you might not be watching out for warning signs that your boyfriend is a jerk to everyone.2

Love is blind, girls.

When I was with a guy, I didn't realize that he was a complete tool, even though my friends and family all saw it!

If you have a suspicions that your boyfriend might be one too, you definitely want to take a look at my warning signs that your boyfriend is a jerk!

1. He is Narcissistic

Is he obsessed with himself?

Does every sentence that comes out of his mouth start with 'I'?3

This is totally one of the signs that your boyfriend is a jerk, girls!

He should care about what is going on with you, not just with him.

He should also care about the world around him, not just himself.

If the world revolves around your boyfriend, in his mind, it might be because he's a jerk!

Constantly Annoyed with You


Layla Stanger
My boyfriend always zones out when I talk, he is obsesed with his body and hair and he always makes me feel dumb.
Definitely my boyfriend sometimes. Sometimes my boyfriend can be an insufferable jerk but when he's good he's really good (: even though he can be a pain in the ass I know he loves me even if he doesn't always show it.
Looks like all the guys r jerks
Jane Winters
@Tattoo kick him into touch or find yourself a decent bloke?
Omg my boyfriend ticks all these, hes the exact same, what do i do?
Neecey Beresford
@Lauren, @Lauren, I'm sorry you're having a bad time hunny but from reading your comment I haven't once seen you say you love him despite what's happening, so it is time to cut your losses and move on. Why stay in a relationship that isn't fulfilling your basic needs. You deserve better. He is either being the way he is and saying the things he does because he either 1) is not really respectful of the fact he is hurting you, 2) he is immature or 3) just because he can without conscience, because he doesn't really care that much for you deep down. There is someone out there that will love you for who you are and won't compare you to future wife material. That was the comment that made me see that if he can say that, he definitely considers you aren't the one he wants in his life forever. No-one could say something like that, even in jest, without some underlying reason - especially if he has said it more than once. He also sounds vain and definitely loves himself more than he loves you. Time to move on girl!
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