27. Flirt with Him

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Just because you got the guy doesn't mean your work is done!

Flirt with your guy and don't let him forget how frisky and fun you are.

This also shows him that you want him which will always make him feel good.

Show Some Skin


And what if you don't have local friends?! The guy would dump you because you don't have any?
What of he If you to Call him first ???
Malcolm George
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So at my dads house theres this neighbor. He is one year older than me thanfully. I like him alot. But I usually see him on summers and stuff every year or at big parties my dad and my step mom. We talked before but I feel like he just see's me like a friend or aquaintence when I obviously see more. We go on the boat with my brother and sister and dad. But one time I got to ride on the intertube with him becuz his sister was not there. We talked and yeah, I liked it. But I dunno, I feel like were just aqauintences who never see each other that much. Girl brains work so differently than boy brains. Help plz
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