5. Emotional Blackmail


Is your boyfriend constantly blaming you for things that go wrong in his life? Does he constantly say that it is your fault that he doesn't have a job or any direction? This is a sign that he is using you girls, and you shouldn't stand for it!

He Never Buys You Anything


how do you know if a guy is using you
I don't know what to do because I still love and care for him but he keeps telling himself that he not the right person to be around
My boyfriend (now ex) thinks his not good enough me and he keeps telling me that I deserve a man that will treat me well and love me like he did , lately he has been going through a lot of (excuse my language) crap in his life
There's a guy that i have been texting for a few weeks now, and he is in one grade higher than me and goes to the same school. I feel like he is going to use me, he hasnt really tried to get to know the real me.
Thomas Williams
@joan,Yes Joan, he might love you but that doesn't give him the right to treat you that manner. i will advice you take a break from him or you seat him down and make it clear to him to get it right. y...
Savannah LaFave
I have a guy that I really like and we've been "together" for 4 days now so far. But yesterday, and today, he sees me yet NEVER goes to walk with me, hugs me, anything. Now he hardly replies to me. I ...
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