15 Warning Signs 🚨 You Need to Watch πŸ‘€ for to Know if πŸ€” He's Just Using You πŸ–•πŸΌ ...


Some signs he is using you can be right out in the open, but you might not know it! If you have a feeling that he is using you, it might not be a healthy relationship to be in. Below, I've got the top signs he is using you for your money, for sex or even just for a place to crash. Ladies, you deserve better than just someone using you!

1. You Pay Every Time You Go out


Even though the guy is supposed to pay in the beginning, you constantly find yourself paying for every single thing when you two go out. Does that seem to be the case with your relationship? That's definitely one of the top signs he is using you. While it's okay to split the bill, you shouldn't constantly be pulling your wallet out to pay all of the time.

He's Only Available when He Needs Something from You


Heather Jensen
Hi John! I do not agree, this is just my personal opinion, but I think that when a guy is asking a girl out and asking her to accompany him on a date, he should pay for that date. While yes, women a...
Heather...if women are taking men's seats on mass transportation, men's seats in college, men's jobs, men's promotions etc etc they can also pay for the first date. And the second. They are educated ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Nini! Thanks for the great comment! It's so true, there are lots of other ways to know that a guy is using you, not just the financial stuff. :)
Nini C
Seem like most of these comments are only about the financial issues and while I agree times are tough and that its ok to share expenses in relationship thats not all this list was about. I know sever...
Heather Jensen
Hi Craig! I actually think it boils down to manners. I do agree that women should be equal, but I also think that there are just mannerisms that have been built over decades and one of them is the ma...
Hi Heather, I am interested to hear WHY you think that, in this day and age, a man should pay for the first couple of dates, when for decades, if not longer, women have been seeking equality.
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