25 Huge 👐🏼 Turn-Offs 😣 to Men That Women Didn't Know 👎🏼 ...


Just like with girls, there are tons of turn-offs for guys that we girls might not know about!

Do you think that being perfumed up and talking about your ex all of the time are attractive?

These could be huge turn-offs for guys that you might not even know about!

So girls, you ready to explore some of the top turn-offs for guys that you might not be aware of until now!

1. Long Fingernails


While you might think that long, long fingernails are something that are super attractive, it is actually one of the hugest turn-offs for guys.

They like natural and if you are going to have fingernails that are super long, it can actually hurt them if they are making out with you.

So girls, keep it short and simple and don't over-do the nails!

Too 'Perfumey'


This makes me feel somehow horrible
I\'m going to have to laugh at what was said about the fake tans.. When anyone gets one it looks like a women has mated with an uhmpa lumpa haha
you really got the most important facts together, heather! :).
Heather Jensen
Definitely! It's heather.jensen@allwomenstalk.com. :) Email me your story! I'll help!
please heather, can i talk to you somehow? by email or somthing? please heather, i just need someone to tell me what to do with my relationship atm. i'm breaking apart =" i need anyone's help and i don't know who to go to would you please help me.. please..? my email is: princess_siri@hotmail.ca, you can skype or inbox me; as you like. Reply if you can okay...?
Ash Wilson
another big turn off for guys is too much make up. every once in a while, girls just put down the eyeshadow and put a thin coat of foundation, a little eyeliner and three sweeps of mascara. your man will like this and might even tell your that that amounof make up is perfect!
@Heather Jensen, Do these guys that you refer to look like Channing Tatum with a fat wallet and a PhD? If not, who cares what they think?Let's take the pressure off of women and put it on men. I'm so sick of the amount of unmotivated and unattractive men out there. Talk about turn off. Yuck.
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