22. Body Odor

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Well, that makes sense. That's usually a turn off for women, too. In general, it's a good idea to smell good, even if you don't use artificial fragrances. And remember – don't smell β€œtoo perfumey”!

Never Complimenting Him


These are all a bit obvious! Some of these are even just things you shouldn't be - rude?! Of course it's a turn off haha this is a ridiculous post.
You know, compromise is the key in a relationship as well. Why do you all keep complaining about changing for a man? Just communicate and compromise. Complaining won't bring you far in a relationship. -.-
Me again for something not on your list. A lot of my male friends agree with me about this: we don't want to hear that we are just like your father. The first girl I dated in college was particul...
From a guy who has no idea how he ended up on this web site ... For the "too dependent" thing, the inverse is also true. Trying to hard to be independent can be a turn off too. As just one exam...
Wow that a lot thanks :)
Thanks πŸ’–!
Thanks πŸ’–!
wilma mascarenas
probably....and i think being insensitive too?it might be a plus and the other way around....haha
You know maybe if a guy doesn't get turned on by me being me, he can just jog the fuck on. This sort of article makes us sound like feminism never happened. If someone doesn't like you for you, don't change. They are not worthy of you.
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