4. Visit You at Work

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Most guys shy away from where their girl works. Theyโ€™d rather wait to see her after work than deal with being observed by all your coworkers. They know that they cause a stir when they show up at your job. But if theyโ€™re crazy about you then they wonโ€™t mind. If you work somewhere with a very feminine atmosphere such as a hair salon, makeup counter or lingerie store then give your man double points for dropping by your workplace.

Miss His Show so You Can Watch Yours


LaDonna Love
My man does those things too I feel like his queen everyday and love him for everything he does too
Very well said!
This is very true:) I remember when my ex was all of these things and in one day it was completely gone so ladies do not tAke these acts for granted ever cause when they are gone they are gone!
Joelle NANG
My man does all of those things. Even my tampons. I feel like being a queen.
My husband does this things , he is sooo sweet
My man just combined two of them. I got caught without a tampon at work. He bought some and brought them to me at work!! He's so sweet.
Brittany Baker
My husband does these too. He's amazing!
Getting the tampons, letting me watch a horrible B movie, holding my purse, he does all those things. But I think when a man truly loves you, there's nothing he won't do. Last night I puked all over h...
Yes I have a great bf. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I've never felt so taken care of.
Isabella Coles
My man does all of this except sometimes he picks me up from work (does that count?) - and I do the same things for him too :) he's actually my fiancรฉ, can't wait to get married!
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