23 Coping Tips πŸ“– for Girls Dealing with an Insecure 😟 Boyfriend πŸ’ ...

Insecurity can cause a lot of issues in a relationship and seems to have already led you here to seek out ways for how to deal with an insecure boyfriend.

An insecure guy can tend to be overly jealous, make ridiculous accusations, constantly bombard you with calls and texts, or become moody at a moment's notice.

If you feel like your guy is worth the extra effort to help him get past his insecurities in the relationship, then here are tips on how to deal with an insecure boyfriend to help you out!

1. Examine Your Behavior

The first thing you should do on how to deal with an insecure boyfriend is look at yourself.

See if there are any ways that you may be contributing to his insecurities.

Do you flirt with others?

Do you do things to make him jealous?

Do you ignore him?

Make sure you're not giving him reasons to distrust you which may be adding to his insecurities.

If you are 100% sure that you are not contributing to how he's acting at all, then stand your ground.

Make sure you're not giving up your friends or your life to make your guy feel more secure when you've given him no reason to distrust you.

Give Him Subtle Reassurance