11. You’re Only Having Sex

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Yes, to some this may sound like a good thing.

However, if this is the only good thing you have going on in your relationship then it may be time to say goodbye.

You don’t talk to each other, share any common interests and only make an effort to have sex because it’s there.

This is no longer a relationship, so do the right thing because you know that inside, you don’t feel right about it anymore.

He Tells You What to do


My ex and I have had an on again-off again relationship for almost 2 years. He never treated me perfectly, but I definately loved him. The last time we dated, I made it very clear to him that I didn't wan any b.s., and that I wanted to make it last. He agreed. But after two weeks, he started showing me all of the signs listed in this article! So I dumped him and swore never to put up with him again. About a month later, I got together with this great guy (who happens to be an acquaintance of my ex). And for the first three weeks of that relationship, my ex kept bothering both of us, and I thought it would become a bigger problem. But my new boyfriend assured me my ex would leave us alone eventually. All my friends agreed that my ex was just jealous. It turned out me and the great guy just didn't work out together, and we broke it off (still good friends though!). It's been a few weeks since then. The other day, I was with a group of people, and my ex was there. At one point, he looked me in the eye as he put his arm around one of my girlfriends. I was so annoyed with him! As soon as I could, I got to my best girlfriend and explained what he'd done. She, and a few others, think that he was just trying to make me jealous and he still wants me. I don't know what to think anymore when it comes to my ex. If he wanted me, he should have put in the effort when he had me. He's had more than one chance, and there is no reason for me to let him back again now
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