17 Things That'll Attract 😍 Him More than a Hot πŸ”₯ Body Will ...


Believe it or not, looks aren't everything. Men aren't as shallow as we think they are, which means they actually care about more than the size of our breasts and the look of our butts. Here are a few things that'll attract him more than a hot body will:

1. A Genuine Smile

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Any smile is beautiful when it's genuine. If a man is able to make you laugh, he's going to love the way you look when it happens.

Making a Move


Laura Jasmin
ind of ironic how all the women in the gifs DO have hot bodies πŸ˜… nice article 😊 :)
Absolutely true @Dee Dee, i agree with you. :)
Neecey Beresford
@Bettina Julie, It means practical and Β and realistic, not given to flights of fancy.Β 
Bettina Julie
Can someone explain "down to earth" to me I don't get it
I love men who are close to their family - a man that will do anything for his mum.. Not necessarily a mummy's boy but a guy who loves and looks after her.. They say, always look at the way a guy trea...
Agree with all of those 17 things ..so true
Lol, @Me12, agreed and Intelligence is gold!
Totally agree
Guys like bad bitches too x
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