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Brilliant Tips on How to Deal with a Bad Kisser ...

By Sici

Need to know how to deal with a bad kisser? The problem of being with someone who is a bad kisser can be a tricky one. It isn’t necessarily something that you feel you have to break up over, but on the other hand, it is also something that can really put a spanner in the works when it comes to achieving ultimate romance! The bad news is that you have probably been having a less than enjoyable time up to this point, but the good news is that being attached to a bad kisser is definitely something that can be worked on! Here are some great pieces of advice for how to deal with a bad kisser in your life!

1 Take the Lead

A bad kisser will oftentimes know that things aren’t going well too, so make it easy on him by taking the lead! Hold his head gently and direct the make-out session in the ways that you want it to go. He will pretty soon pick up on the pace and pressure of things and start to replicate what you are doing!

2 Positive Feedback

When he does something that you actually like, make sure to let him know that! We all enjoy a little positive feedback every now and then, and the more he hears about parts of his kissing game that you actually enjoy, the more often he will do them, rather than the parts that you hate! There’s nothing wrong with a little sexy instruction in the moment either.

3 Play a Game

If you think he would be too sensitive to hearing any kind of feedback, then instead suggest playing a game where he has to copy everything that you do to him. This is a fun and sexy way of essentially teaching him the ways that you like to be kissed without making it seem like a personal attack!

4 Take a Breather!

Is your bae’s main problem the fact that he tends not to know when to come up for air, thus turning your make-out sessions into some weird panting sideshow? This is another situation in which you have to take control and organise the kissing breaks yourself! When you sense that things are about to get uncomfortable, be the first one to break away so that he doesn’t have to get panty and slobbery on you!

5 Slow down

The problem with bad kissers a lot of the time is that they go straight in at a fast pace to make up for their nervousness or lack of experience. Get him to slow things down by saying that you prefer a more gentle approach, and when you are kissing more slowly, you have the power to guide the kissing in a direction that you like rather than his over the top, fast paced making out tactic.

6 Be Honest

If nothing else seems to be working, then you are going to have to bite the bullet and tell it to him straight. Kissing is too important of a factor in romance to be getting it so wrong so often!

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