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Flirting, especially for a lesbian, can be really difficult to learn, but that's why there are lesbian flirting tips to help! When I was looking for my girlfriend, I used tons of lesbian flirting tips to really tell me how to pick up a girl. Flirting with the same sex as can be awkward in the beginning and it can also be different if you don't know how to do it. Girls don't like lines pulled on them, instead, it's all about the body language.

1. Eye Contact

There are so many different lesbian flirting tips out there, it's hard to find out which is the top one. Eye contact makes it though. You can't get anywhere unless you first make that connection. Eye contact is so important no matter who you are flirting with, but most of the time, girls will respond better when you meet their eyes!

Light Touching


im new im 17
@Marz, hi
i need ur help
@ Kalina, I was actually in the exact same situation as you a few weeks ago. I just told him how I felt and that I knew it wasn't forever and broke it off. I can honestly say I feel so much better being out of the relationship.
@Kalina, just tell him the truth?? Or do you still have feelings
I feel like the biggest failure ever how do I get over this
@Lily12 hey!
I'm in a relationship with a straight guy and I just want to leave I wanna be with a woman because it would be honest and real
Oh my goddess! Thank you for this post! I liked an girl for quit awhile I'm super shy and don't know how to approach her I'll give these tips an try! ☺️
@Marz,lol i can help you with that
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