7. Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Sometimes it's nice to change things up and rent a hotel room for a night with your partner.

You don't have to worry about making a mess, and there's room service to have for the morning after.

The hotel room experience is just a great way to get your fantasies fullfilled and have fun too.

Breakfast in bed is another excellent pro.

An Office


When you are in love with someone that supports that ideas is awesome. I have try all the places recommended, except for the elevator, nightclub, office, park and roof. I am planing too.we did it in the garage and every corner of our both properties. Including in laws house. One day someone he knows from work  had ask him to repair something at his place and gave him the kids bcs he was living out town and he decide to bring me with him to check the apt and we did it in that stranger house as i never meet the owner it was just a work thing he had. It was very excited to be in a place you dont know.
Sarah Seah Kehui
How do you even do in elevator LOL
@Aliza, what risk????????
#3 #7 #9 #14, I think we'll try the car ♥
@nyla, now that's what I would like in my life
Missing #5, #7 (plane forgot #) #9
Hotel room is the best. All the others look risky
Alex Fleming
In the shower!
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