5. Thinning Hair is a Terrible Look

Let’s just be real with each other.

Thinning hair isn’t a good look for guys to wear.

It’s definitely not one women are attracted to;

I’ve never heard any girl ever says it’s what they look for in a guy.

It’s better for a man to be bold and bald than to wait for nature to take him there through varying, drawn out stages of thinning hair.

So bravo to baldness! 🎉

Comb Overs and Toupees Are so Gross


Katherine Hudson
So I'm looking for a bf
Katherine Hudson
Neecey Beresford
@Katherine Hudson, Hi Katherine, welcome to allwomenstalk
Katherine Hudson
Katherine Hudson
Donnabelle Garcia
It depends i suppose, not all men are look sexy with bald hair.:)))
Kranti Kanade
Baldness does not have to be a good Or bad thing...it's just individual preference. It does not have to be necessarily a thing to be attractive or non attractive. For me, it's nothing less than disgusting though.
I love a bald sack
Eww no thanks
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