Can Your Weight Affect Your Sex Life?

Cosmopolitan has recently brought our attention to an interesting couple in China. Combined, they weigh over 800 pounds. That's why they haven't been able to have sex once in the five years that they've been married. Now doesn't that sound depressing?

However, there's a bit of good news. They're both willing to undergo gastric bypass surgeries, so that they can not only have sex, but start a family of their own. They can't wait to have children running around the house, and in order to be good parents, they know they'll have to be a bit more active.


Maybe for some people. I'm a fat girl & my sex life is great. Article was kind of pointless bc the question is subjective.
Now that's loveeee
Tiffany Clayton-Bass
I'm a BBW and I have a great sex life!!! What was the point of his article??!!'
It depends. But I'm pretty chunky, my fiancé is skinny as a stick. Our sex life is great ☺️
Thank goodness they found each other, or this would be even more depressing...
Pls stop with the misleading titles
Aww.. Congrats to themπŸ‘
Bettina Julie
Omg this article was out for us to laugh
Why is this a freakin article??? This is a waste of time and valuable cyber space.
This doesn't tell me how it can effect your sex life. It just shows us an overweight couples' story.
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