4. His Reputable Relationships

If he's never been in a "real relationship," he might stress the truth in order to impress you.

If he's ashamed about his past, then he might only tell you the good things about his old relationships, and act like the bad things never happened.

He wants you to consider him as a potential boyfriend, and that won't happen if you think he's just trying to play the field.

His Exceptional Intelligence


One boyfriend I had told me he wrote songs and even wrote a few for me. I sent them to my friend and she immediately googled the lyrics and it turns out that he never wrote them
All men do lie...!!! All of them are liar... they can do anything... if they want something according to themm.. I hate them!
Beryl Stokes
Heard them all at some time or other. Only time will tell if true or not but in meantime- just believe him. You never know!
My man is poor. I support him. He won't get a job
Most of men are lie anyway .. And they think they can get over it ..
Dani, same for me! It's retarded. I found out my boyfriend smoked like 4 months into the relationship and he didn't even tell me, his mom mentioned something like "why don't you just quit smoking? It's not like you smoke much anyway" I was so shocked. He was super sneaky about it, I literally couldn't even smell it off his breath.
For me, the most common thing for me to get lied to about is smoking. I've only dated one guy who has outright told me he smokes, and only 2 others that have asked me out, and out of the multiple guys I've dated or who've asked me out, all but 2 have smoked, but they know I'm "edge" and they know I hate it, so they always tell me they either don't, or they avoid the topic all together.
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