How to 📝 Tell if You Wear the Pants 👖 in the Relationship 💑 ...


It used to be frowned upon that women wore pants - they didn't really become acceptable or common until the 1920s. Even though we've been wearing pants for decades now, the phrase "wearing the pants in the relationship" is still hanging around. Women interpret this phrase as being strong and fierce. Men see it as a form of emasculation; an expression that the man in the relationship is lesser because the woman is stronger. I prefer to think that there are men out there who aren't doormats but rather, who appreciate having a strong woman as their partner. If you recognize these signs, you probably are a pants wearer!

1. Played Hard to Get

Played Hard to Get

During the courting and dating period, you were the one who was perfectly happy to stay single and played hard to get. You made him work for it!

2. No Labels

No Labels

He keeps pushing for your relationship to be clearly defined, but to be honest you’re just not that in to labels and want the relationship to take its own course without pressure.

3. High Libido

High Libido

You are always the partner who likes to initiate sexy times whenever possible, almost as if he likes to wait for you to suggest it!

4. Waiter Control

Waiter Control

Whenever you go out to a restaurant, you find that the waiter or waitress will always direct their questions and attention to you rather than to your partner. Subliminal power!

5. He Texts First

He Texts First

You are always on the receiving end of the text messages to start off a conversation, as if he always wants to check in, but you’re happy to be independent during the day.

6. He’s More Emotional

He’s More Emotional

Contrary to normal gender stereotypes, your boyfriend is actually the one who gets more emotional about things while you remain the strong, silent type.

7. Big Spoon

Big Spoon

You might be the girlfriend, but you always like to be the big spoon when it comes to night-time cuddles; more control that way!

8. You’re Protective

You’re Protective

You love your man and you’re not afraid to show it, ready to throw down with anybody who dares to disrespect or overstep the mark!

9. Get Your Way

Get Your Way

You are used to getting your own way, not because you are a brat, but simply because you have the more dominant personality.

10. Vulnerability


You always feel a little bit awkward and out of place when you need to show your softer, more vulnerable side; you are more used to being the strong one.

11. People Don’t Get It

People Don’t Get It

You can be sure that you wear the trousers if you hear people saying that they don’t ‘get’ your relationship, it’s just because it doesn’t conform to the traditional gendered roles!

12. Unapologetic


You might earn more money than your boyfriend does, but rather than being shy about it, you own your success and love that you are in a great position.

13. He Talks about the Future

He Talks about the Future

It’s your boyfriend that is always talking about the future and trying to lock you down in to a plan. You’re quite happy to live in the moment.

14. Parents Love Him

Parents Love Him

Your parents love him and are always emphasizing how perfect you are for each other; probably because he’s one of the few guys who don’t mind sitting in the passenger seat!

15. Assert Your Independence

Assert Your Independence

Just because you are in love with your man, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your independence and stop doing separate things that you enjoy alone.

16. Strong Partnership

Strong Partnership

Above all of the lovey-dovey, romantic elements of your relationship, you appreciate that you and your man have a strong partnership that feels solid and secure.

17. You’re Reading This

You’re Reading This

Finally, the fact that you are even reading this must hint that you know you wear the trousers to start with! Would you be reading this if you didn’t think that in any way? Even a little bit!?

I hope you can see there's a difference between wearing the pants and not letting him wear them. It's about being in control, not controlling. And that means you shouldn't have to apologize for being strong!


Liz well that's interesting!
If you are my man I want you to BE my man.
Snarky Girl
Or possibly some men are gentler? Wearing the pants isn't a bad thing at all. Being equals is great too.
If this description is an accurate depiction of your relationship you might be a lesbian, because the man you love is a woman. Dump the wuss and get a real man and let him be the man-as God intended. Read proverbs 31.
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