8 Topics to Avoid While Dating ...


Dating can be a minefield, and so can knowing what topics to avoid while dating โ€“ as if first dates werenโ€™t awkward enough!

Sometimes you are just glad that there is any conversation at all, even if it is about his mumโ€™s health conditions or an argument over political beliefs.

If you are hoping for a future, though, or at least a second date, here are some topics to avoid while dating.

1. Your Exes

Okay, so this one sounds like an obvious dating faux-pas, right?

Youโ€™d be surprised how many people commit it.

Sometimes you can just be trying to prove that you havenโ€™t been single for centuries, or that youโ€™ve dated someone hot/a model/the CEO of Appleโ€ฆhowever cool you are trying to make yourself look, your date is more likely to be thinking they canโ€™t compete โ€“ or perhaps even considering asking your ex for a date.

Your ex is a definiate topic to avoid while dating!

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