5. Breath Kiss

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Work to master this one.

Inhale deeply and lock lips with your partner.

Slowly exhale as they inhale, then inhale as they exhale.

Tricky but very sensual.

Jawline Kiss


Kimberly Campbell
My husband won't French kiss me he thinks it's gross makes me sad Well we have been married almost 5 years... I think he has French kissed me 10 times or less. So not that he never has just most of the time he refuses πŸ˜”.
How do you give a hickey
@Neecey Beresford ok thank u, I read an article tht said it could u, thanks 4 letting me know
Neecey Beresford
@Bianca, you'd have to do that an awful lot for that to happen. The world record for kissing is more than 58 hours and there was no concern of C02 poisoning!
@Neecey Beresford no breathing into some1 else mouth, the co2 can affect u
Neecey Beresford
@Bianca, kissing can kill you? What do you mean hun?
This can kill u
@GGBoline,but some are irretating why some are cool
@Sienna,you dont need to kiss a boy before you be satisfied because you will Β soon get married
I haven't even had a first kiss
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