7 Obvious Signs He is Serious about You 😍 for Women in Doubt ⁉️ ...


If you’re in a new relationship and you are afraid that he might be playing you, just read on and discover a few obvious signs he is serious about you. It’s natural to wonder from time to time if you and your partner are on the same page about how serious you feel about a future together, but try not to let all those worries get in the way and prevent you from having fun. If you want to know if he is in your relationship for the long haul, here are a few obvious signs he is serious about you:

1. He is Transparent

One of the most obvious signs he is serious about you is the fact that he is very transparent. You don’t have to ask him how was his day or where did he go or with whom, he tells you about all these details himself and he never feels the need to hide anything from you. Try to remember that someone who is serious about you and your relationship is never evasive or vague.

He Introduces You to His Loved Ones


If he's cheated on you before and your mind and your heart is giving you those doubts maybe it's your mind and heart telling you something ?
My bf cheated on me awhile back and I've been having trouble trusting him again, but it made me feel really good to be able to say "yup that's him" to every one of these
so this might just confirm my suspicions that my guy definitely not that much into me - time to run
Very true!!
Sofia Garcia Sanborn
To the T correct... And describes my guy exactly! Thank you
Thank you for this article, this reconfirmed the guy I was dating for the last 8 months, wasn't really into me like that 😫 carrying on...
I need to know your opinions on my last post
Jessica Fulton
Can anyone give me advice?
Another thing that should be added to this post, that was not in the article., Is if he include you in his future plans or includes you in his plans for the future
Alexa Trebil
#7 really hit the mark since my boyfriend absolutely loves tennis and wants to teach me. (:
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