3. He Makes Time for You

Someone who is really interested in you will always make time for you and will want to spend as much time as possible in your company, no matter how busy they are.

You are one of his priorities and he will expect you to do the same.

He is always there when you need him and you can really count on him.

He Wants to Know You Better


Summer Rose
He will do it again. Wasted heat of my life with someone manipulative. Staying shows you have no respect and he won't give it to you
I haven't had any doubts or been suspicious at all since, just been nervous I guess. It's a hard thing to forgive and rebuild
If he's cheated on you before and your mind and your heart is giving you those doubts maybe it's your mind and heart telling you something ?
My bf cheated on me awhile back and I've been having trouble trusting him again, but it made me feel really good to be able to say "yup that's him" to every one of these
so this might just confirm my suspicions that my guy definitely not that much into me - time to run
Very true!!
Sofia Garcia Sanborn
To the T correct... And describes my guy exactly! Thank you
Thank you for this article, this reconfirmed the guy I was dating for the last 8 months, wasn't really into me like that 😫 carrying on...
I need to know your opinions on my last post
Jessica Fulton
Can anyone give me advice?
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