4. Don't Go to Bed Angry

I really hate this one. You can't just magically get over your anger. I'm one of those who likes to take a break and let my mind calm down. I'm not always ready to work it out just because it's bed time. In fact, I usually think more clearly after a good night's sleep. Don't put that much pressure on yourselves. Call it a draw for the night and sleep away your anger.

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@That_Person, My parents divorced because of lying. And it was a collection of those small lies, where you're just not giving all of the information about what you're thinking. It wasn't cheating or s...
I disagree with most of this. And especially 4 and 7. I would say unless you are married stop forming opinions of what works for it and what doesn't. And you shouldn't be telling people to lie and lea...
Mamduh Mamduh
Live it
I totally disagree! My husband has no business out with a female friend. It's not about jealousy, it's about respect and what others might see. So I take your not married. So how can give advice?
Love it!
I just love this article it's so true and realistic 😊
@Karen Wiseman What's ms?
Karen Wiseman
I'm very glad that, while we share so many interests we are still different enough that we don't "live in each other's back pocket". While our common interests are many we still are different enough t...
Karen Wiseman
My husband & I have been together for almost 13 years &, while in the first few months I had the first in love reactions (falling in love more & more every time I even thought about him) & he obviousl...
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