4. Don't Go to Bed Angry

I really hate this one.

You can't just magically get over your anger.

I'm one of those who likes to take a break and let my mind calm down.

I'm not always ready to work it out just because it's bed time.2

In fact, I usually think more clearly after a good night's sleep.2

Don't put that much pressure on yourselves.

Call it a draw for the night and sleep away your anger.

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Karen Wiseman
My husband & I have been together for almost 13 years &, while in the first few months I had the first in love reactions (falling in love more & more every time I even thought about him) & he obviously felt in a like manner because he changed his peramitors of looking for a house to buy a house from looking for a house for him & his dog to including my 2 kids & me. In the past 12 years we have discovered that we share a lot of interests but some things not so much. We are both avid old movies seekers & most music tastes, we both enjoy lawn bowling as well as my daughter but my husband is pretty much eating, drinking, & dreaming lawnbowling from mid-April to late September every year & he only gets worse each year as he is taking on more & more responsibilities with the club every year. He has more female friends than he has male friends but I trust him to not cheat on me.
I do agree with the "don't go to bed angry or don't leave the house angry'. Remember you're angry at a situation, actions, sayings etc. Not at him/her as human being, because if it were so you couldn't be together. As humans we have the fortunate right to make mistakes and those mistakes can hurt others. The truth is, everyone is going to hurt us. We just got to find the ones worth suffering for.
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