5. Constant Nagging

Nagging in a relationship is going to happen.

It's one thing to nag though and another to constantly nag about everything.

The Better Half and I have this discussion all the time.2

Ladies, if he's doing or not doing something that you need, talk to him about it in a calm way, don't nag him about it constantly.



* I\'d never leave a man I love
I suspect that my man left me because after 4.5 months together I told him about my medical condition (and it\'s even not a disease!), and he became afraid that the minor limitations I\'ve got because of this condition were too much for him... I admit I did a little drama of it, I actually told him about it because I panicked it was getting worse, so I cried and told him. He initially expressed a lot of support, and then it got better, and I was feeling good, I\'ve just started to mention some medicament and my limitations because I felt it\'s no secret anymore... And then he left all of a sudden and without explanation... I think he;s just a jerk. I\'d leave leave a man love because of such a thing...
@Annette, he might not want a relationship or feels he isn't the type to be in a relationship with you.That's might be the reason why he is trying to chill it down a little.So try talking to him about it.
Been talking to a guy for over a month we've been texting each other 24/7 for the past month and last week he stopped texting as much as he used he just say hi good morning etc not much
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