17. Won't Have to Pay

When a younger woman dates an older man, most people assume she's only interested in his money.

For some, that's the truth.

If a woman wants to receive fancy jewelry and never wants to pay for a date, then an older man with a good job is exactly what she needs.

A Challenge


@Marvin, I am 46 and my girl is 21. Been together 3 years now. She went from retail to graphic design because she learned from an older guy.
New to this site. I find it interesting. I had no idea so many were inline with my thinking.
@krystin, In my line of work, I deal with parents (mommies) cleaning up their sons' (grown men) messes. I am appalled that these grown men can't do anything for themselves. This is our future? It's a sad world when women have to take the place of men.
I'm a much older man, with a career and my own home. Dating and being married to women in my 'age bracket' has been a failure for me. My last marriage had a wife 11 years younger than me, she decided I was too old for her. There's more to the story. I've had a couple of relationships since then with women 34 years younger than me. I broke it off. I'm still looking and available ....
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