7 Relationship Tips on Avoiding Divorce...

Many of us dream about falling in love and living happily ever after, but it's not always picture perfect.

There are ups and downs that every relationship goes through.

No one wants their marriage to end in divorce, but we're not always certain of how to fix things that are broken.

Guest blogger Jessie is here today to share 7 Relationship Tips on Avoiding Divorce in hopes that your failing relationship can be fixed before it's too late...

However smoothly it goes, however easily you settle matters between you, divorceis a sad and often stressful - not to mention expensive - event.

If life with your partner is intolerable, then it may be time to call it quits, but if any part of you wishes things were the way they used to be, it is possible to pull a deteriorating marriage back from the brink, and get the magic back.

1. Let Your Partner Know You'd like to Fix Things...

You'll need to approach this carefully if your partner currently has no idea that you think your marriage might be on the rocks!

In this case, try to express your emotions in sentences that describe you - for example, "I feel lonely" or "I miss spending time with you", rather than phrases that can all too easily be interpreted as accusations, like "you never spend time with me anymore".

If you've been feeling unhappy in the relationship, however, the chances are your spouse has felt the same.