17 Signs ☮️💟 He Actually 💯 Deserves to Be with You 👆🏼 ...


It's time to stop wondering if you deserve your boyfriend, and start wondering if he deserves you. You're an amazing woman, which means you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. That's why you need to figure out if he actually deserves to be with you. Here are the signs that say he does:

1. He Appreciates Everything You do

He Appreciates Everything You do

When you give him a ride home, does he thank you? When you give him the best sex of his life, does he look appreciative, or does he act like it was no big deal because it's "your job?"

He Gives You Affection


After searching for all the bad things this week, I'm glad I saw this to remember how good he actually is to me b
peony blue
Yep but it takes two to tango
Kristin M Wood
Well according to this my partner sux and i think i need a new one
I don't think you are talking about a deserving boyfriend but rather than a perfect one.
Zelma Barnwell
Spn has a gif for everything
These are important things to ask yourself. :)
Supernatural 😍
Neha J
These points make me feel glad that I broke up with my ex...
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