17 SnapChat Tips for Flirting with Your Crush ...


The easiest way to flirt with your crush is through technology. Instead of texting him or messaging him on Facebook, you can try sending him snapshots over the most popular app out there. If that sounds like fun, here are a few SnapChat tips for flirting with your crush:

1. Make the Snap Short to Tease Him

Make the Snap Short to Tease Him

Don't give him a full 10 second snap. Make it short in order to make him suffer.

Make a Funny Face


Victor Mabe
@Wendy , may I have some advice ??
This generation is ridiculous. Flirting in person not on the damn phone. Leave your phone at home. If he likes you. He will keep in touch. By writing down his number on a piece of paper or write his n...
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