2. Find an Excuse to Touch Him

Any excuse at all that you can touch him is considered flirting. Whether it is picking a piece of invisible lint off of his jacket or just pulling something out of his hair – touch him! It'll definitely get him to notice you and heck, he may even try to touch you too!



Heather Jensen
Hi Connor! I'd definitely say that you need to up the flirting a bit! Just try to talk to him, touch him a little, be casual about it.
Ok soo there's this super cute tall blond guy i like, "hes soo perfect for me" all my friends say and he likes YOU! I'm as tall as him...but... hes a year older then me. He use to be in my class but n...
Diana Marie Denza
@Megan, Tell him, Megan! Write a cute note or be direct and let him know face to face.
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks Esther!! :)
Esther Yomyom
wow heather! You sure are knowledgable about love! I'm so jealous :P
Sure! Eye contact is a great way for him to notice you. After all, we can all feel when someone is watching us right?
If you are unable to approach him for some reason. Is there anyway you can get him to notice you from a distance :/
@paige, just be yourself with him. it sounds like he already likes you.
ahhhh help me! there's this guy i've had a crush on for almost four years and i'm having issues... i used to think he barely knew who I was but then he started hanging out with me in class last year a...
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