7. He's Comfortable around You

When a guy really likes you, he feels at ease around you most times. Although he might be nervous if you get to close or when dating comes up, it is a sign he likes you if he is super comfortable around you. The question is though, are you super comfortable around him too?

Teases You


Heather Jensen
Hi The! That's tricky -- you definitely don't want to go after the teacher -- that could end his career. I'd say you need to find someone that is your own age. :)
Hey, you guys are aweome!! I really REALLY need help! i think i have a crush on my english teacher! :S He treats me as others, and nice to me... but i get jealous when he talks to others! all the cool...
Heather Jensen
That's so cute!! :)
Heather Jensen
Hey Cherry! It sounds like he does like you, but he's probably just shy. Have you tried to talk to him a little bit more? Maybe up the flirting? Maybe ask him out and see what he says. You can ask him casually to hang out right? :)
There's a guy I like and I think he likes me too but I don't know. I asked him out awhile back and he said: "I don't know... I don't want ti say no... But I can't say yes." He said later on that it wa...
@marc, That is really a horrible idea. No offense, but where did you get that idea? If she likes this guy, then why would she want to tell him she has a boyfriend? That would really hurt him and pus...
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