4. Spend Less Time with His Family

If your boyfriend is a family man, it's going to be hard to pull him away from them. There's nothing wrong with telling him to rely less on his mother, but it's unfair to ask him to stop spending so much time with his mother. After all, she was the first woman in his life.

Quit His Job


Based on what @Rose?
I'm so happy most women agree porn is terrible.
Shelly, Great post . . . society is trying to sell a lie and influence in the wrong direction. Prayer and fasting . . . Sacrifice and good works. The path to eternal happiness!
Check out the following links . . . The evidence is there. Porn is addictive, it makes changes to the brain chemistry and it is one of the leading reasons for divorce in the USA. Many good points made...
I think the bitch alka a pornstar on the d low.
by the way you Can control your hormones when you see the opposite sex! Especially if you are a christian already! prayer...fasting... faith it makes the difference!
yes you can actually get addicted to porn and that's not fair to us girls when he unnaturally high expectations in the bedroom of things porn stars will only do if they are paid$$ & also I'd rather he...
There is a TON of science behind why porn is TERRIBLENESS and kills love. This article is so stupid and not true.
Oh one more thing....its human nature to think other men and women are attractive. But when you TRULY find the right guy for you, you won't care or get urges for other people. Two years ago I would've said bullshit to myself for saying this, but it's really true.
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