11. Desired


Even if you think he knows you want him, show him anyway! Men want to feel desired and when he doesn't feel wanted by you, it can get to his confidence. Flirt with him, You want him to know that you feel lucky to be with him!

Now it’s your turn to share with me. What have you found the man in your life needs the most from you? I can’t wait to read your responses!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.


Luann Irwin
@Husnul, it is cute what you wrote. It's okay. You're a challenge for him. Sometimes, guys need hardship before settling down. In all, you're not doing anything wrong. It's in your nature and either he accepts it or moves on.
Darryl Sangual
@Mitota, I think number 9 covers the "space" men wanted, "Men love their independence. This doesn't mean that they want to be left alone all of the time, but they do like to be able to do #things on ...
Darryl Sangual
He needs to hear a nicer tone from me and must make him feel respected as well! thanks
i'm just do a wrong thing. i make him stress. i control him meet his friends. i'm not support him for every single thing he want do. it's because i'm too jealous if there are beautiful girl around him...
Very interesting article, thanks. My men likes when I focus that hi is strong and brave and honest. And tender :-)
I do all of these out of love, respect and admiration I have for him. He is my blessing.
@Mitota, I used to think all guys love their private time till I met my guy. And I'm amazed that he isn't one of them. In fact I am the one who needs private time sometimes.
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