11. Desired


Even if you think he knows you want him, show him anyway!

Men want to feel desired and when he doesn't feel wanted by you, it can get to his confidence.

Flirt with him, You want him to know that you feel lucky to be with him!

Now it’s your turn to share with me.

What have you found the man in your life needs the most from you?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.


Sally Amorim
I just want to say that there are plenty of things which can help you to start new relationships. But the main is to learn how to choose the right guy.I can recommend a book about all this things, it is for free - http://findthereallove.com/freebook-bl/ In it you will discover different ways to fight with your fears and be happy at last!I've read it and in several months met a good man. Now he is my husband :)
miss z
Taquilla Shanae Westbrook
Are these reciprocated?
Aashima Rai Chaudhary
As a woman, I need the same 11 qualities!! from a man..
The heart
How does one add this article to favourites?
Its not only man its human nature we all want those qualities in our partner even girls.
I think the best way to approach it is by telling him how you feel, so both of you work it out and find common ground :)
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