2. The News

Often, actually very often, the news can be a bit of a downer. The news and sex don’t mix. Watching crime, economic and political problems, and natural disasters can add stress to your life, which makes it hard to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t watch the news before you’re about to fool around.

The Parents


Carly Spindel
@Sheryl Kenzi, thanks:)
Carly Spindel
@Bronte, the message says to NOT talk about these things during sex
Carly Spindel
@Teanna, that's not what i was saying at all
Kendra Mulkey
I'm kinda with the rest of the ladies on this one. Kind of an offensive and ridiculous article. One thing I strongly disagree on is the crying one. Sure it may not be sexy, but every girl deserves a w...
Lucky Girl
Calm down folks! She's talking about the topics right before, during, and right after sex. This article is so true!
Neecey Beresford
Message to womentalk - you can repost your comment as many times as you like and I will keep deleting it until you can state your opinion without being so offensive.
Belittling women at its finest.
Amen Sheryl! Taking about killing the mood killers! Keep it in context, please! Unless you are the type of heartless female that uses sex to get what she wants!
Sheryl Kenzi
She saying don't talk about these things DURING sex...freeze people, lighten up!
What in the world? So basically .... don't speak to him at all.
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