11 Things to Remember to Keep Your Relationship from Falling Apart ...

In order to keep your relationship from falling apart, there are a few facts you should know. There are little things that happen to every couple that tend to cause bigger fights than they should. Your boyfriend is human, which means he’s going to make mistakes and do #things that make you unhappy. If you want to keep your relationship from falling apart, you have to remember that not every fight is a reason for a breakup.

1. Attraction Reaction

There’s no way to stop your #man from finding other females attractive. If you catch him glancing at a cute waitress or drooling over Jennifer Lawrence, let it roll off your back. Of course, if he takes it too far and starts flirting with other women or staring until you’re uncomfortable, discuss it with him. But if he just has a few harmless crushes, you need to live with it. Jealousy can be painful, but if you want to keep your #relationship from falling apart, you can’t get angry every time a hot girl walks past him.