20. Take Your Time

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Another text etiquette tip you might want to practice is to take your time replying. This kind of goes along the same lines as not answering the phone on the first ring when he calls, you don't want to appear overly eager. Take your time replying so you not only keep him guessing but it also gives you time to craft the perfect flirty response.



@Naomi Louise Scott I think she's so used to dating boys she thinks men like the same things.
Leone Lobos
When texting boys... What kind of boys? Those who only want you for sex? Girl, in a real relationship, being honest and of course being yourself are the ways to go. The only advice I can take is #6. Anyway, keep it going ^^
Agreed with everyone here. Guys should like you for you and if they like these gimmicks and you don't, then definitely not right! This is basically saying you should flaunt sexuality because that is all guys want. Which is not true.
never lie to a guy or anybody. say you are parting when you actually are in home doing nothing? if he asks just say it. probably thatΒ΄s what heΒ΄s doing too. if a guy likes you cause you are supposed...
Ana Kirby
My boyfriend likes #5 :/
I Like the points made here, it does have its highlights in comparison, but alot of these notes can help in a fling or a long term relationship. Keep up the good work allwomenstalk!
Its has good points
Ashley Abbou
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