20. Take Your Time

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Another text etiquette tip you might want to practice is to take your time replying.

This kind of goes along the same lines as not answering the phone on the first ring when he calls, you don't want to appear overly eager.

Take your time replying so you not only keep him guessing but it also gives you time to craft the perfect flirty response.



literally all of this is terrible advice. wtf.
Miss Pia Storm
Haha my Bf have no choice but to deal with my periods, but he's a man, so he don't mind. And if a guy is ever so disrespectful to you, dump him. You deserve better girl! You're not a sex object, but a human being who deserves to be loved for who you are
^Right! I mean this says it's more important to lie and be sexual than tell the guy what you're actually doing? Maybe a good man would appreciate your honesty? Or what if you're visiting your grandmother? The right guy would love that about you!
Kamil Bigda
"always respond with something sexual"? if you want to be seen only as an object of sex
This sounds like it was written by a 5 year old in the 19th century, no offense.πŸ™ƒ
How about just text and be yourself and boom. You will scare away someone who wouldnt match your personailty anyway if he cant cope with all of this.
Tanya Isaac
Wtf I do everything this post says not to do! Haha better luck next time. Lesson learned..
I literally do everything "boys hate" on this w one of my guy friends but he's still my best friend lol
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