7 Things Your Soulmate Will Love about You ...


Guys can be picky, but there are tons of things your soulmate will love about you. Once you find him, youโ€™ll wonder why you were ever self-conscious about your appearance and personality. Heโ€™ll make you feel like youโ€™re the greatest girl on earth, because heโ€™ll honestly believe it. Even if you donโ€™t think highly of yourself, there are things your soulmate will love about you.

1. Natural State

You can spend hours doing your hair and make-up, but one of the things your soulmate will love is the way you look when youโ€™ve just woken up. He wonโ€™t care about the small things that bother you about your appearance. Heโ€™ll think you look gorgeous stepping out of the shower, even though your hair is drenched and messy. Youโ€™ll want to look good for him, but youโ€™re forever beautiful in his eyes. Your soulmate will see the positive parts of you that your mirror is unable to show you.

Annoying Noises


karla s
I found my soulmate!! :) (on instagram) :D
Anna Strother
The crazy obsessions is totally true. All my chick flicks (even with some my husband talks crap on) he\'ll sit there and watch them with me and even discuss certain situations together. He\'s secretly gotten into army wives though and plays the next episode when I\'m done watching :p.
I have not found my soulmate yet. But this post is sweet. Hope I\'ll find him soon. Happy love for those of u who hv found ur soul mates. :)
Thought I found him! But NOPE still scoping the waters.
Aadila K
Ive not found mine yet unfortunately :-(
Raquel de Cadiz
Jasmine Marie Zayas
I know I found mine! This is so cute!
True ....I think I found my soulmate then...😊😻
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