18. Compliment Him


People like to know that they're liked. If your boyfriend wears a shirt you like, tell him. If his arms have gotten stronger, squeeze them and compliment them. If you're in a relationship with him, he already knows you like him, so don't hold back your flattery.

Use Body Language


I had to sign up for this site just to make my point. First of all why are women writing articles about what men like or want? If you don\'t have a dick you don\'t know! Women you\'re smarter than ...
@ovieberlian, No. It is ok, if you cant be free to love with all your heart, you are with the wrong guy. I wish she would text me more sometimes, but I got used to it. Now she wants all that back....
@Zhen Wu, could you email that to all of your gender?
@Caroline, most men do. If we think you look better without makeup, you are a keeper. You can actually teach your guy to think you look better. Go natural for sex..worked for my woman. She is quite stunning at 50
You have no idea how going natural really works. If morning sex is really good, go natural a lot more. Eyes and lipstick only. Good. 5 of 7 of these are really true, but disregard any advice thats s...
Denise Cristobal
Hi Zhen Wu. I don't understand how people can stand to play mind games. They are so tiring!
Denise Cristobal
Hi there. That's definitely something we all should remember. We also need to grow individually.
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