8 Types of Toxic Relationships to Avoid ...


When it comes to relationships, there are tons of different kinds, including types of toxic relationships that you really need to avoid. Avoiding these types of toxic relationships can be hard, especially if you don't know exactly what you should be looking out for. I've compiled the top 8 different toxic relationships that should be on your radar, so watch out!

1. Negative Thinking Relationship

This is one of the most common types of toxic relationships that can actually be really hard to avoid. We've all been negative at one point in our lives, but to build a relationship out of negativity? It's awful! This relationship is a constant cycle of complaining, of canceling plans and of just plain being negative and never, ever looking on the bright side. This is a relationship that can drain your soul and all of your emotions.

Cheating Relationship


Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
I have been with Controlling/Jealous Relationship before. At first, I thought it's normal because my partner probably wants to spend time with me. Then months past by, he gets mad whenever I ask permi...
Heather Jensen
Yes, it absolutely does!
Heather Jensen
That isn't any type of relationship that you want to be in Nichole. :(
Heather Jensen
Exactly! These types of relationships are way too hard to be in! :)
Nichole Boone
What abt all of the above relationship?
Truly true
Oh, Heather, you are always so right on!! I've been a relationship (actually a marriage) that had a few of those in it. It was hell! We are still recovering. You must remember that you are a priceles...
Kia Lynn
Being in a demanding relationship is super hard and takes awhile to realize your in one..😒
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