14. Surprise Him

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When he comes home from a long day at work, surprise him by waiting in bed for him. Better yet, lead him to the bed with a trail of your clothes and underwear! He'll likely be very surprised as well excited to find out what's waiting for him. Just make sure that you don't fall asleep in bed waiting for him, talk about a mood killer!

Get a Little Rough


Niamh Coss
@Harry Clarke, that's true. and as a woman I've found this out not too long ago that every man like to be sucked different. Like a woman. Some guys want it hard and fast and others find that a big tur...
Niamh Coss
@Heather Jensen, really I thought it was All women's talk haha
Niamh Coss
@Sarah, he's being lazy and selfish Sarah. My ex would do that sometimes. The minute he got hard it was like all systems go. He would expect me to be warmed up and ready just because he was and the re...
Niamh Coss
@Jimboob, now your talking Jim. Can I have your phone number : )
Niamh Coss
@Kevin, I agree Kevin you may as well be kissing a doll as kissing a mans neck or chest etc. but speaking as a woman I don't like all over my body being licked or kissed just the important bits. So no...
Niamh Coss
@Dan. Ha Ha Cave exploring ! Love that. Never heard it decribed like that. I've found that about 99% of guys I've been with either love some cave exploring or are curious to try it. Then they join the ones that love it. ; )
Heather Jensen
That's so awesome! :) Thanks for the great advice Melanie and for the insight!
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