7. Touch Yourself

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This is a move in bed men love in and out of the bedroom.

It's really good to get know yourself and your body.

Men are extremely turned on by the fact that you are able to pleasure yourself all on your own.

A lot of guys relate you touching yourself to porn, because that is what has turned them on so many times in their life.

You just made a guys digital fantasy become a reality.

Don't Always over-do It


This is weird now but everyone is so nice here so I'm just going to ask: I was with my boyfriend for a year and he never managed to make me come...I take ages anyway but, any advice? :\
Heather Jensen
Very true! Thanks for the comment Etienne!
Heather Jensen
Hello Felicity! Here are some examples here. http://www.sexcigarsbooze.com/2010/06/how-to-talk-dirty-50-examples-that-will-make-you-blush/ Hope that helps!! :)
What would be dirty talking any examples
Etienne Venter
More men should be reading these comments. We could all learn what others find pleasureable.
Heather Jensen
Hi Brandi! Great point! It is so important that everything is mutual.
I think these tips are wonderful. And lots of women actually like them too. For guys who think girls should get right down to the sex, you're being very selfish. Don't expect a woman to appreciate that and want to have sex with you, if you're going to neglect stuff that turns her on as well.
Heather Jensen
Hello Bunny! It is! :)
Bunny boiler
I thought this site was called All Women Stalk....
Heather Jensen
Awe Andi, I think that these tips are great! Why don't you like them?
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