7. Touch Yourself

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This is a move in bed men love in and out of the bedroom.

It's really good to get know yourself and your body.

Men are extremely turned on by the fact that you are able to pleasure yourself all on your own.

A lot of guys relate you touching yourself to porn, because that is what has turned them on so many times in their life.

You just made a guys digital fantasy become a reality.

Don't Always over-do It


This is awesome...lol...
Paul kingston
@Jeniffer, you have to relax while I (I mean your guy) takes it slow by licking you , kissing your clit, playing with your nipples until you start to shiver into an orgasim...
Paul kingston
@Kevin,Are you kidding me? I love licking kissing down there, and making her squirm and moan! Big turn on.
Just fuck? I like to kiss my girl all over with the occasional love bites... That leads to me sucking on her vagina and leads to me licking her asshole... From there I usually get a quick blowjob to wet my penis for her vagina.. Then I usually slide a finger in her ass!! That drives her wild!! Be gentle tho... We make love for some time while she has multiple orgasms... But the best part is for last when I rub her clit vigorously until she squirts all over me!! That's got to be the cherry on top!!! Best sex ever!!!
Heather Jensen
So true! Thanks for the insight Harry!
Harry Clarke
As a guy myself, sometimes women overdue it just a little. Women, please don't try to overdue it. Sometimes it will just make us upset.
@Kevin, I myself love the kissing and licking all over and feel kind of short changed if a woman doesn't. To me it's about the exploration as I would do for her. Besides, I think the article read, before you take him inside
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