8 Warning Signs in an Online Relationship ...


When you're in an online relationship, it can be so easy to lie – so that's why there are tons of warning signs in an online relationship that you've got to watch out for!

Have you developed strong feelings for a guy, but you've never met him?

Never talked to him on the phone?

Never even Skyped with him?

These are all warning signs in an online relationship that you should watch out for!2

I was in an online relationship for over a year and then my partner and I met – and it worked out for us!

It can work, but if you get the icky feeling that you're being lied to, take a look at these signs!2

1. Extravagant Stories

Always, the top warning signs in an online relationship that you should watch out for are extravagant stories.

Nobody can be a model, a flight attendant and be going to school to be a doctor.

Not all at the same time.

If you are hearing a bunch of stories (because that's what they are most of the time) and not a lot of it seems realistic, this is a warning sign!

2. Will Never Video Chat

All right, I get that sometimes video chat isn't an option.

I never video chatted with my partner, but if your mate flat out refuses to video chat with you, claims they have never done it with anyone else and refuse to even think about purchasing a web cam, that could be a warning sign.3

I'd use this sign in conjunction with the other signs though.

3. No Updated Pictures

Are their profile pictures the same and unchanging for years at a time?2

I know that I have a few photos that I switch between, but I do occasionally update my profile picture.

If their profile picture is the same always, it could be because that is one of the only pictures that they have – because they can't take anymore.

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