7 Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend ...


So many Ways To Be a Good Girlfriend and yet, so many guys are constantly complaining about their better halves and their irrational behaviors… Are we the ones to blame or our man are getting a bit spoiled? Let’s see! Dating experts have given us many tips and mentioned many ways to be a good girlfriend and, surprise, surprise, the guys couldn’t agree more! So take a look at these 7 ways to be a good girlfriend and find out whether your man has any reason to be even a tiniest bit unhappy:

1. Stop Nagging

Most men agree their relationships would me much better if their women suppressed the need to nag once in a while. Okay, yes, they sure deserve it sometimes but, nagging for the sake of nagging won’t really get you anywhere. In fact, continuous nagging most certainly isn’t one of the ways to be a good girlfriend. Cruela Deville or Peggy Bundy, maybe, but a good girlfriend definitely no.

Trust Him


Lol boys will be boys I guess and he's only in the 6th grade!
Lol Mary, It's so hard though, isn't it? :D
Thanks for share great post..I have got to stop nagging!
i found someone but im afraid to ask him out. im alright with getting denied but then our relationship will never be the same
He is still WAY to young, he needs to grow up, why don't you look someone your age or maybe a year older?
Okay so im a 7th grade girl and im dating a 6th grade boy and we really like each other but if our hands accidentally touch he goes "ewww" why does he do that? i wanna hold his hand but i dont wanna ask. i need help.
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